Dutch Bato Hydro Bucket 11 Litres 0.3 x 0.25 x 0.23cm

With a built in reservoir this growing pot is the perfect solution if you are concerned about power outages. 11 Litres and comes with specifically designed Dutch Bato "knee".
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These UV stablised food grade buckets are industry standard. Can be connected to make a set up as large or small as you like.

The Dutch Bato Hydro Bucket is suitable for hydro cultivation systems with constant water reservoirs. The trough has a highly efficient internal drain water discharge system: by installation two assembled Bato knees, the drain water goes from the lowest level of the trough and will be discharged into the central drain pipe. By doing this, the water reservoir is constantly replenished and accumulation is prevented.

Each bucket comes with 2 knees

Visit Bato website to learn more.

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Dutch Bato bucket ("Dutch bucket") systems are great for growing vining crops without soil. In this video, Ruebin shows the parts and process for building your own bato system. Courtesy of Bright Agrotech - How to Build a Dutch Bato Bucket System (for illustrations purposes only.)