Ballast Hi Par Digital 1000W/400VEL

The HI-PAR 1000w EL Ballast is their superb ballast for durable horticultural lighting.
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$ 600.00

It features extremely powerful ignition hardware capable of igniting DE 400v bulbs and providing a smooth constant current.

HiPAR 1000w Ballasts are gaining recognition for their reliability and ongoing durability in horticultural conditions. 

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  • Operates perfectly with Double-Ended lamps
  • Strikes DE 400v horticultural lamps with ease
  • 60%, 75%, 100% or Boost mode, dimmable digital ballast
  • Low harmonic/general harmonic THD<10%.
  • High light efficiency & low power consumption.
  • Constant current start.
  • Cool running temperature.
  • End-of-lamp-life feature and intelligent random start software