AutoPot Hydro 2 Pot Starter Kit

The waterwise easy watering system, no wastage, no electricity needed.
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AutoPot™ Hydropak Starter Kit

The Hydropak starter kit is a great starter solution with all the components packed within the 35 litre tank for efficient packaging and shipping!. 

This kit includes: 

  • The Hydrotray Double 10" module,
  • Growing media - perlite/vermiculite mix (50/50),
  • Nutrient 1L set 
  • Filter, tubing, fittings

Just add plants!, easily expandable, all components packed inside the tank for efficient transport.

The Hydropak is ideal for tomato, capsicums, eggplants, cucumbers, and a wider variety of plants. It's amazing the variety and size of plants that can be grown from a 10” pot. Commercial AutoPot™ users grew thousands of tomato plants with outstanding results using the same growing units as the starter kits. The tank, tray and pots are plastic which allows their use in or outdoor, and with a 35 litre supply of nutrient you would have 4 to 5 weeks supply for young plants and at least 3 weeks supply for strongly growing plants nearing maturity.

No need to check for conductivity & pH daily. Accurate watering with no run-off. Saves water and nutrients. Can be left unattended for weeks!

Plant driven watering and feeding systems controlled by the Smart-valve which works in three simple steps


This process is repeated giving your plants a wet - dry cycle without you guessing when and how much to water your plants.

Where water is scarce, AutoPot Systems excel as there is no wastage or run-off. When there is no electricity, AutoPot Systems can be run by simple gravity. 

The Hydropak starter kit can be extended to add more growing points. You can add whichever AutoPot growing module you choose by simply connecting the additional unit to the same supply tank via tubing and joiners.


For illustration purposes see AutoPot easy2grow Intro Youtube video from AutoPotUK.

The enjoyment of growing with hydroponics is within your reach. AutoPot™ Systems allow everyone to experience professional results from hydroponics. Forget about the complications, complexity and problems of conventional hydroponics systems. Simply plant seedlings or seeds, fill the tank with water, add a measure of nutrient and watch the spectacular results. The results could be on your table before you need to top up the tank again.

AutoPot™ Systems are a patented technique of hydroponics that differs from conventional methods in a number of respects that make it versatile, effective, inexpensive to run, capable of operating in a wide range of locations where conventional hydroponics may not be effective and capable of being used by everyone from school age upward. It's the ideal way for busy people to experience the benefits of gardening and provides a huge return in pleasure and produce without a heavy commitment in time or the problems of requiring a specific program of attention.

There is an AutoPot™ growing solution to suit everyone from the novice through to large commercial users. Most first time users start off with a gravity fed system due to the simplicity of only having to position a supply tank higher than the growing module. Once the collection of AutoPot™ growing modules have expanded beyond 20 or so units, consideration for the pump fed methods becomes more practical to reduce the frequency of having to top up a gravity tank. Having said that, it does not mean feeding large number of plants by gravity is no longer a viable option