AutoPot Hydro 10" Double Pot

The waterwise easy watering system, no wastage, no electricity needed.
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The most popular unit suitable for vine crops, ornamentals, herbs etc.


  • Hydrotray double 10" tray and lid
  • Smart-valve
  • 2x 10" pots including root control mat
  • 4mm tap
  • 600x280x190H

Plant driven watering and feeding systems controlled by the Smart-valve which works in three simple steps


This process is repeated giving your plants a wet - dry cycle without you guessing when and how much to water your plants.

Where water is scarce, AutoPot Systems excel as there is no wastage or run-off. When there is no electricity, AutoPot Systems can be run by simple gravity. 

AutoPot systems, being module allows you to easily extend your system by adding as many modules as is appropriate for your supply source. Simply add an extra length of 4mm tubing and a T-joint or suitable micro fitting for your configuration.

For illustration purposes see AutoPot easy2grow Intro Youtube video from AutoPotUK.