Aquaponics Secrets by Murray Hallam DVD

NOW HALF PRICE! Limited Stock. The companion DVD to the highly successful "Aquaponics Made Easy" now takes you to the next level in your Aquaponics journey. Over 90 minutes of quality information.
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"Aquaponics Secrets” will take you beyond the basics and will reveal some of the more hard to understand stuff of raising fish and vegetables in an organic natural system. In his previous DVD “Aquaponics Made Easy” Murray really spelt out the basics of establishing a simple Aquaponics system, but this DVD takes over where the other one left off. For a start we see a new system established and watch its progress over 6 months and beyond as it begins to mature. We see how the system changes as biological process take over and a mature system begins to establish itself. You’ll see the fish grow and new plants mature and are harvested. Murray is a great speaker and his friendly conversational manner really wins you over by his in-depth knowledge and love of his craft. Murray explains all the different Aquaponics systems that are currently in vogue so you can make the right choice in determining which one is right for you. Floating Raft or Flood and Drain? Continuous Flow or Siphons? We look at common plant and fish problems and how to deal with them. We look at adding plant nutrients and how to build your system to follow nature’s preferred method by creating water flows that fish love to swim against and little know aspects that round your Aquaponics Education to the maximum.