Aquaponics DIY by Murray Hallam DVD

This new DVD features two titles on the one disk.
DIY AQUAPONICS and AQUAPONICS THE FIRST 12 MONTHS. Additionally a PDF file with complete written DIY instructions.
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Aquaponics guru Murray Hallam is continually asked by many people who want to build their own aquaponics system on the cheap from recyclable containers.

Murray estimates about 80% of the calls he gets are from DIY people keen to get  started in Aquaponics but aren’t exactly sure how to begin.

They are after a robust quality system on a budget with components that are available anywhere in the world.

So in early 2010 Murray began to tinker with tote tanks. Also known as IBC’s, these tanks are commonly available around the world to move a variety of commercial liquids.

Murray has implemented his CHOP2 design with these tanks to enable it  to be built over a weekend by the home handyman. In fact every tool used is discussed on the DVD. The advantages of CHOP2 are obvious and Murray felt that a CHOP2 system would also help eliminate problems for beginners if their tanks were not perfectly level. The DIY Aquaponics DVD will show Murray actually selecting 3 IBC tanks and you will watch him dismantle the wire cage from the plastic tank as he wields various tools from a skill-saw to an angle grinder to cut and rebuild these IBC’s into an effective fish and vegetable production system.