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Overdrive your plants for the strongest finish
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It’s Never Too Late To Get Bigger Harvests

Let’s face it – general hydroponics gardening can cost you a lot of money, time and effort. You spend weeks taking care of your garden, you spend lots of dollars on it, all the while hoping for the big harvest you dream of getting someday. But many growers run into unexpected detours that delay or decrease harvest quality and size.

It could be something that went wrong earlier in the crop cycle. Or your particular strain of plants is genetically programmed to create smallish flowers. Whatever it is, you and other savvy hydroponics gardeners are looking for ways to increase harvest size, and sometimes it gets frustrating.

Say Hello To Bigger Harvests... Now you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to bigger harvests. The good news is that there’s a surefire way to beat the odds and make your big harvest dreams come true. That’s because Overdrive contains a unique set of powerful ingredients that stimulate plants to increase their bloom productivity. Overdrive is a really special formula that does something that used to seem impossible. You see, hydroponics plants have a life cycle that’s pretty much determined by genetics and environmental conditions. After you’ve kicked them into bloom phase, they’re programmed to live a few more weeks making flowers- then they inevitably start to decline.

Better Flower Production

But now you can use Overdrive to defy Nature and turn your plants back into fire-breathing champion producers, even when they’re well into bloom cycle! Field testing shows that Overdrive reinvigorates flowering and creates a renewed burst of resins, scents, terpenoids, size and other very desirable traits that will give you impressive harvests instead of disappointing ones.

All of Overdrive’s ingredients are matched so they work together to give your plants exactly what they need for late-season bloom building.

Important: Water quality is very important. Tap water is acceptable. We recommend with rain water, or reverse osmosis RO filtered water. Best results occur with aerated filtered or rain water. Bore water requires testing. To avoid nutrient and salts build up, rinse media with fresh water weekly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I Use Your Big Bud With pH Perfect Connoisseur And Get Fantastic Results. So Why Is Overdrive Also Very Useful For Me?

Big Bud is indeed a top-producing bloom booster and pH Pefect Connoisseur is a premium bloom base nutrients formula. But Overdrive still gives you even more. Our studies find that bloom phase has sub-phases during which very specific types and ratios of ingredients are required. For plants in their last 2-3 weeks of growth, the ingredients in Overdrive are more effective at increasing crop value than Big Bud, which is used earlier in bloom cycle.

I Use Overdrive And It Did Not Increase The Size As Much As It Increased The Potency, Aroma And Taste. Is This A Normal Thing, For It To Increase The Quality Of The Crop?
In some crops, depending on genetics, crop environment, grower skill, and other nutrients being used, you might see both a crop size and a crop quality increase. In other situations, Overdrive will primarily increase the percentages of essential oils, aromatics and other value-adding compounds in your flowers.

What About Ph And Ppm When I Use Overdrive?
If you are using Overdrive as part of our Bigger Yields System, you have no need to be concerned about pH and PPM. Just use Overdrive as directed- the System is configured to balance all formulas together to be at the ideal absorbability and strength. If you are using Overdrive without using the System, it can increase PPM by as much as 200 PPM, and you would need to monitor your nutrient strength accordingly.

Do I Use Overdrive Right Up Until The Day I Harvest?
Overdrive works for you during the last third of your bloom phase, but you get tastier, higher quality crops if you stop all feeding several days before harvest and do a Final Phase flush.

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