AN Flawless Finish 500mL Advanced Nutrients

Experience better taste, aroma, and potency when you flush with Flawless Finish before harvest
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Your Crops Taste Sweeter And Have Higher Value When You Flush Them Before Harvest

Let’s take a look at this proven method for immediately improving the quality and market price of your harvests… Your Plants Are Absorbing Things You Don’t Want To Consume

As you’re aware, your plants grow by absorbing compounds from nutrients, water, and the atmosphere. These compounds become part of your plant tissues. As your plants age, they accumulate excess nutrient salts and other substances that decrease the quality and value of your endproduct. At times, this accumulation is visible as overfertilization or other crop failures. More often, it is an unseen burden that infiltrates your crops from the inside out. This insidious burden causes crops that have offensive taste and odor; crops that burn with black ash or are hard to keep lit; and crops that irritate and damage your respiratory system, causing coughing and other health issues.

Can you recall a time when you almost coughed your lungs out? It was polluted crops that did it. Not All Flushes Are Created Equal

Many growers try “flushing” their crops or they use all-organic nutrients to deal with accumulated salts that affect finished crop quality. Unfortunately, most forms of flushing, or the use of all-organic fertilizers, does not purge crops of harsh residues. For one thing, the most common way that growers flush their crops is by giving their crops water that has no nutrients in it. But this doesn’t fully cleanse your crops. It only starves your plants so they lose vigorous floral growth and resin percentages just before harvest.

Other growers use flushing formulas that generally consist of a few chemicals that sometimes have the ability to pull a limited amount of residues out of your plants. These primitive flush formulas remove plant nutrition, resulting in smaller harvests and decreased harvest potency. Not only that, but they don’t provide the full-spectrum, value-enhancing cleanse you’re looking for.

Important: Water quality is very important. Tap water is acceptable. We recommend with rain water, or reverse osmosis RO filtered water. Best results occur with aerated filtered or rain water. Bore water requires testing. To avoid nutrient and salts build up, rinse media with fresh water weekly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Flushing Starve My Plants And Make Smaller Harvests?
It’s true that some flushing products have an unfortunate tendency to rob plants of vital nutrients and thus create smaller, less potent harvests. Flawless Finish is the only flush formula engineered differently. In fact, tests show that it results in either no net loss of harvest size and potency, or a slight increase.

One Of My Friends Uses Flawless Finish If He Has Crop Problems, Not Just Before Harvest. Do You Recommend This?
In situations when root zones have become toxic with excess fertilizer salts, Flawless Finish can be useful as a mini-flush to get back to a neutral root zone for re-balancing pH and making sure your plants are not overfertilized.

Can You Explain The Differences Between Flawless Finish And Other Flush Formulas?
There are several differences that give you more cleansing power. Flawless Finish is the only formula that’s actually made for the plants you grow. Flawless Finish is also different in that it has a very broad range of free-flowing chelates. Nobody else has these. There are many individual metals that need to be pulled out of crops. Chelates come in different shapes and sizes and are attracted only to certain metals. The other flushing formulas don’t have a broad enough range of chelates to remove all the substances present in your crops. It’s like the difference between washing the entire car, or only one door.

Can I Use Flawless Finish To Get Better Crops In Soil?
Absolutely, simply apply flawless every watering during your flush period. Try to get around 20% runoff from the bottom of your containers each application.