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Start your bloom phase providing powerful nutrition for bigger better flowers
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Getting Used To Maximum Harvests Is A Pleasure For You

The latest news in your world of hydroponics is now you can enhance growth while at the same time promote flowering.
In the past, you’ve triggered your plants’ genetic clock by suddenly shifting them to a 12-hour light cycle and changing them over to bloom fertilizer. All this is useful, but scientists have discovered something else you can also do.

Let’s take a look at the details…


You Maximize Your Flowering Sites Per Stem

Your plants absolutely will maximize flowerings sites per stem when you provide specialized nutrition to your plants during early bloom phase so your plants ramp up internal production of metabolic triggers that result maximizing your budding sites. The result is that instead of only the typical 30-55% of your stem nodes becoming hosts for flowering sites within two weeks of flowering, 70-100% of your nodes show floral initiation! Flat out you maximize the amount of flowers per plant. And as bloom season moves forward, you notice your stems are crammed full of dense floral growth that buries your stems in thick, gooey floral clusters so you have continuous floral structures that run virtually the entire up and down length of your stems!

Promotes Flowering

Using Bud Ignitor® to get an eye-popping grow room full of plants with flowers from top to bottom is fun and easy, but that’s not the whole story. You see, when you give your plants Bud Ignitor compounds, your plants respond by creating the maximum amount of budding sites.

Your Plants Get What They Need For Maximum Harvests

What do your plants really need? Most bloom fertilizer programs underplay potassium and nitrogen too much, while providing too much phosphorus too late. This includes the reliance on bloom boosters used on top of base nutrients. Come to find out that scientific testing from thousands of tissue samples on the type of plants you grow shows that if you fail to provide the right amounts and right types of potassium and phosphorus early in the bloom phase, you create a permanent deficit that lowers your harvest size no matter what you do later on. It’s like missing the starting gun for a race, and then scrambling like crazy to catch up later on. But you can’t catch up: after those first two weeks are gone, your plant is not going to create any more budding sites. You see why early application of Bud Ignitor is crucial to maximizing everything your plants do later in bloom cycle.

Help Your Plants Store Potassium And Phosphorus To Maximize Flower Production

And if you want to further increase the profitability of your crop, get Bud Ignitor today, along with our proprietary series of bloom phase-specific bud boosters such as Big Bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive. This is the full spectrum of bud potentiator fuel for your garden.

Important: Water quality is very important. Tap water is acceptable. We recommend with rain water, or reverse osmosis RO filtered water. Best results occur with aerated filtered or rain water. Bore water requires testing. To avoid nutrient and salts build up, rinse media with fresh water weekly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bud Ignitor Looks Pretty Strong. Is It Going To Raise My PPM?
Bud Ignitor is concentrated and powerful. If you are using it as a stand-alone formula without also using our Bigger Yields System, you should monitor ppm and you’ll see it goes up about 200 ppm. But when you use Bud Ignitor in our System, pH and ppm are already balanced for you so you don’t have to think about it at all.Looks Like Bud Ignitor Is Going To Give Me A Big Boost.

Why Do I Need To Use Any Other Bloom Boosters?
Your plants have a bloom season, but during that season, they need different types of ingredients to produce larger, more potent buds. Bud Ignitor starts your season by creating rapid, numerous budding sites and promoting flowers. Later on, your plants need different formulas as they move into peak bloom and then to harvest.

Should I Use Bud Ignitor As A Foliar Feed?
No. The ingredients are designed to be fed into roots, where they will be absorbed, converted and transported up your plants to increase your floral development and quality.