Turbo Klone T24

Aeroponic cloning is here. Experience roots in around 5 days. Fully automatic system.
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Aeroponic Gardening is easy!

Fresh air mixes with H20, maximizing aeration levels. Cool ambient air blows across the reservior, combating any excess heat and creating idal conditions for roots to flourish. Round edges makes cleaning easy and effective. Up to four times more air supplied to the root zone than other systems. Space saving design allows more sites per unit.

The Number One Starter Cloning System on the Market

The Black Label 24 is a commercial-grade Cloning System with a patented, built-in cooling system. With 24 clone sites, it is everything the hobbyist or small home grower needs to propagate clones. 


We recommend the use of a water heater set to 24°C using rain water or Reverse Osmosis filtered water and Canna Rhizotonic & CannaZym for peak performance. Expect full roots in around 5 days.

TurboKlone T24 - WITH Humidity Dome Setup | Hydroponic Aeroponic Cloner Assembly - Courtesy: Official TurboKlone

See video below from Earnest Fernandez showing how easy it is to start growing from cuttings with his Ez Clone Machine (product for illustration purposes only).

This guy LOVES his lavender plant—perhaps a little too much! See how easy it is to take aeroponic cuttings with the EZ-Clone cloning machine. Make sure you have your herb-aroma plug-in installed to enjoy the fragrance of this Lavandula Dentata plant. laugh