Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit

Introducing the New 600-750W HELLION DE-HPS Illumination Kit with reflector connector
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Adjust-A-Wing 600-750 Kit

This professional horticultural lighting solution allows all indoor growers to enjoy the benefits of DE-HPS grow lamps without any of the drawbacks commonly associated with high-wattage DE-HPS lamps housed in deep-dish “greenhouse-style” reflectors. These benefits include: increased efficiency, higher output, improved lighting spectrum, PAR maintenance (longer working lamp life), larger yields and higher quality produce. There are 2 x hanging options. For commercial applications, hang your lamp ballast & reflector together as a complete fixture. Or to save space, keep your ballast outside your grow room


Designed to Perform Perfectly in Harmony with the Most Demanding Plants

The HELLION DE-HPS can sit comfortably at just 45cm above your plant canopy without burning your plants! So now you can deliver the uniform light intensity your plants desire without causing them heat stress in the process. Optimal light intensity is 900 micro mol per second (umol/s). Sunshine maximum at approx 2000 micro mol per sec. 


Adjust-A-Wings Hellion DE HPS Kit 600W / 750W delivers maximum 1500 micro mol per sec. 

Commercial warehouse growers using 1000W DE-HPS lamps in deep-dish, greenhouse style reflectors are typically forced to allow five to seven feet (152 – 213 cm) above the plant canopy in order to avoid over-heating their plants. This “brute-force” approach massively compromises overall system efficiency as a huge amount of light is inevitably lost to walls and space outside of the active growing area.

Efficient, Professional Plant Lighting for Growers with Regular Height Ceilings

Don’t have 15 ft. high ceilings? No worries! The HELLION DE-HPS by Adjust-A-Wings has been designed with everyday growers in mind—particularly those with standard domestic 8’ (243 cm) high ceilings or growers wishing to cultivate plants on multiple tiers.

Everything You Need to Start Growing Efficiently

The 600-750W HELLION DE-HPS Illumination Kit contains:

  • Adjust-A-Wings Medium Defender Double-Parabolic Reflector
  • HELLION DE-HPS Lamp socket
  • HELLION Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic Ballast (450 / 600 / 750W)
  • HELLION 600-750W DE-HPS Lamp
  • Two lamp cords (short and long) to support remote or on-board e-ballast placement
  • Power cord
  • Super Spreader (Heat deflector)


The Most Adjustable Lighting Solution

In your indoor garden, the smallest adjustment can make a big difference!

The unique, double-parabolic Defender reflector has 5 reflector width settings and 5 lamp height settings

This allows you to more accurately simulate seasonal variations in light intensity and to match the footprint precisely to your garden.

The HELLION UHF electronic ballast has three power settings (450W, 600W and 750W) to drive the perfectly matched HELLION DE-HPS lamp at three key intensity bands.

Behold the Genius of the Super Spreader!

The Super Spreader fits directly beneath the lamp and disperses radiant heat. This affords a much closer placement to your plant canopy than is possible with other grow lights.

The Super Spreader essentially gives you a much wider margin for error, allowing much deeper penetration of light into the plant canopy, promoting increased production on second and third tier flowering sites, not just at top canopy level.

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"We replaced 150 x 1000W single ended HPS kits with 150 x Hellion 600-750W Adjustawings. We now use up to 60,000W less electricity. There is less heat, the HVAC works more efficiently and the overall yield has increased by 10%"

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