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API Nitrate Test Kit APH150 API Nitrate Test Kit APH150

API Nitrate Test Kit Test Nitrate Levels in both saltwater and freshwater Scientifically...

Code: 031716300018
$ 29.90
API Nitrite Test Kit APH75 API Nitrite Test Kit APH75

Nitrite is produced in the aquarium by fish waste and uneaten fish food.

Code: 0317163001264
$ 24.90
Aquaponic Iron Supplement 500mL Aquaponic Iron Supplement...

Ag-Grow Aquaponic Iron Supplement (FeEDDHA)

Code: 9327719004985
$ 14.90
Sphagnum Moss 125g Sphagnum Moss 125g

Sphagnum moss is a useful addition to garden beds, potting mixes and aquaponic systems.

Code: 9327719004138
$ 16.80
Pond Max Bactimax+ 940mL Pond Max Bactimax+ 940mL

BactiMAX+ will remove ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and organic debris (dead leaves, uneaten fish...

Code: 9347585002120
$ 34.90
Aqua One Nitrate 60 Test Kit Aqua One Nitrate 60 Test Kit

For testing of harmful Nitrate in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Code: 9325136080438
$ 12.85
API Ammo Lock 473mL API Ammo Lock 473mL

AMMO-LOCK is scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia

Code: 0317163050453
$ 29.90
Api Ammonia Test Kit 2 Part Api Ammonia Test Kit 2 Part

Measures ammonia to help prevent fish loss

Code: 0317163000861
$ 29.90
API Aquarium Salt 1.8kg API Aquarium Salt 1.8kg

AQUARIUM SALT supplies the electrolytes fish need to help them breathe easier and remain...

Code: 0317163031063
$ 19.90
API Aquarium Start Up Pack API Aquarium Start Up Pack

It’s important to treat your water before adding fish.

Code: 0317163050842
$ 11.90
API Freshwater Master Test Kit API Freshwater Master Test Kit

This kit tests tap water and aquarium water for five different parameters that affect the...

Code: 31716300341
$ 99.90
API Melafix 473mL API Melafix 473mL

MELAFIX All natural treatment and protection of bacterial infections

Code: 0317163910115
$ 39.90
API Pimafix 473mL API Pimafix 473mL

PIMAFIX All natural, antifungal remedy for the treatment of fish disease

Code: 0317163910108
$ 39.90
API Quick Start 473mL API Quick Start 473mL

Start your aquarium immediately. QUICK START allows for instant addition of fish as it...

Code: 0317163050897
$ 49.90
API Stress Coat 473mL API Stress Coat 473mL

STRESS COAT makes tap water safe and contains the healing power of Aloe Vera, scientifically...

Code: 0317163050859
$ 34.90
API Stress Zyme 473mL API Stress Zyme 473mL

STRESS ZYME Contains live bacteria to consume sludge and reduce aquarium maintenance

Code: 0317163160565
$ 34.90
API Tap Water Conditioner 473mL API Tap Water Conditioner...

Spread throughout tap water are various chemicals and toxins that can be harmful to fish if...

Code: 0017163003526
$ 29.90
pH Test Kit 30mL Flairform pH Test Kit 30mL Flairform

For reliable and fast pH readings.

Code: 9337839000606
$ 13.72
Pond Vacuum Pro PondMax Pond Vacuum Pro PondMax

The PondMAX pond vacuum is for the professional, complete with an aluminium extendable handle...

Code: 9329226012460
$ 79.90
PondMax Complete Water Treat 90g PondMax Complete Water...

This revolutionary new treatment will clear your pond of suspended algae, blanket weed and...

Code: 9343342013422
$ 24.90
PondMax Medi Max 236mL Dry PondMax Medi Max 236mL Dry

MediMAX is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish.

Code: 9343342009876
$ 19.90
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