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Amgrow Rot Guard 500mL Amgrow Rot Guard 500mL

Rot Guard is a systemic fungicide used to control Phytophthora Root rot, Collar rot, Crown rot...

Code: 9310943810989
$ 49.90
CX Tanlin 20mL Fungus Gnat CX Tanlin 20mL Fungus Gnat

CX Horticulture Tanlin is a biological treatment for fungus gnat

Code: 93354230030009
$ 49.90
CX Wilt Guard 1L CX Wilt Guard 1L

Use for preventing wilting & eliminating Pythium

Code: 9335423001213
$ 44.90
Cyco Dr Repair 5 Litre Cyco Dr Repair 5 Litre

Cyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses.

Code: 93160739672411
$ 139.90
Dipel Caterpillar 40g Dipel Caterpillar 40g

Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel from Yates is the only certified organic caterpillar...

Code: 9310428547447
$ 24.90
Eco Neem 250mL Eco Neem 250mL

Eco-Neem is a registered organic insecticide for the control of chewing and sucking insects...

Code: 9336099000241
$ 54.90
Eradicator 100mL Eradicator 100mL

Used in the treatment for infestations of Scarid Fly (Fungus Gnats) in root zone areas.

Code: 9327719000529
$ 21.00
Eradicator 200mL Eradicator 200mL

Used in the treatment for infestations of Scarid Fly (Fungus Gnats) in root zone areas.

Code: 9327719000161
$ 32.90
Flairform Pythoff 1 Litre Flairform Pythoff 1 Litre

Hydroponic Nutrient Conditioner

Code: 933783900115
$ 39.90
Flairform Pythoff 5 Litre Flairform Pythoff 5 Litre

Hydroponic Nutrient Conditioner

Code: 9337839001122
$ 140.00
Flairform Pythoff Test Kit Flairform Pythoff Test Kit

For determining optimum Pythoff dose rate in recirculating nutrient, run-to-waste nutrient and...

Code: 9337839000132
$ 21.90
Flairform StopBloc 500ml Flairform StopBloc 500ml

Prevents pipe blockages in irrigation (fertigation) systems

Code: 9337839002013
$ 21.90
Gnat Nil 5 Litres Gnat Nil 5 Litres

Fungus gnat control. Non-toxic and made by mother nature herself. Natural pest control at its...

Code: 9327719002028
$ 19.90
Kill-A-Mite 100mL Kill-A-Mite 100mL

Kill-A-Mite is used as a foliate for the control of mites.

Code: 932792100086
$ 39.90
Magnifying Loupe 40x with LED Magnifying Loupe 40x with LED

Magnifying Loupe is the perfect tool to examine pests and diseases in any garden. The...

Code: 9351128000078
$ 24.90
Micro Kill 1 Litre Micro Kill 1 Litre

Nefarious Micro Kill is made from plant materials and is completely organic. The ultimate...

Code: 9332333008363
$ 44.90
Microscope USB 1000x8 LEDs + Tweezer Microscope USB 1000x8 LEDs...

USB Microscope Endoscope 8 LED Digital 1000X Zoom Magnifier Camera 2MP + Tweezers

Code: 9327719002684
$ 49.90
Mite Rid Organic 45mL Mite Rid Organic 45mL

Spider mites destroy plant cells by sucking out their contents, and Mite-Rid works by...

Code: 9327719008761
$ 24.90
Natrasoap Pest Spray 200mL Natrasoap Pest Spray 200mL

Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Concentrate is a soap-based spray for control of mites,...

Code: 9310428549342
$ 24.90
Neem Oil 50ml Neem Oil 50ml

A biopesticide for organic farming, as it repels a wide variety of pests and fungus.

Code: 9327719006729
$ 9.90
Rot Stop 1L Rot Stop 1L

Rot Stop is a new systemic fungicide treatment for Pythium and Phytophthora that is able to be...

Code: 680569655357
$ 39.90
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