Pest Managment

De Gnat Dust Away 220g

De-Gnat works as a natural insect control.

$ 29.90
De Gnat Insect Shield 10Kg

Non-Toxic Pest and Thermal Barrier.

$ 54.90
Flairform Pythoff 1 Litre

Hydroponic Nutrient Conditioner

$ 39.90
Flairform Pythoff 5 Litre

Hydroponic Nutrient Conditioner

$ 140.00
Flairform Pythoff Test Kit

For determining optimum Pythoff dose rate in recirculating nutrient, run-to-waste nutrient and...

$ 21.90
Gnat Nil 5 Litres

Fungus gnat control. Non-toxic and made by mother nature herself. Natural pest control at its...

$ 19.90
Grow Room - No Pests,...

Anti Pest, Anti Virus. Finally a growing room that allows you to grow enough herbs, vegetables...

$ 1399.00
Kill-A-Mite 100mL

Kill-A-Mite is used as a foliate for the control of mites.

$ 54.90
Pyrethrum 250mL Sharp Shoot...

Sharp Shooter Natural Pyrethrum Timed Release Insect Spray acts as both a contact kill and also...

$ 24.90
Rid A Rot 250mL Sharp Shoot...

Rid a Rot is a low toxicity fungicide in a convenient easy to use liquid form. Rid a Rot is...

$ 19.90
Scarid 10 100mL

For the treatment and prevention of Scarid Fly.

$ 39.90
Veggie Netting 6x100m/Lm

Insect attack can mean disaster to your unprotected Investment. Reduce or eliminate your risk by...

$ 5.50
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