Magical Butter

Magical Butter Butter Tray

Butter Trays clearly identify medicated butter as “for adults only”.

$ 31.90
Magical Butter Decar Box...

The DecarBox™ allows you to effortlessly activate fresh herbs to your specific desired potency!

$ 69.90
Magical Butter Filters &...

Purify Filters & Glove 4-Pack. 3 Filters +1 Glove

$ 59.90
Magical Butter Gummy Tray 2Pk

Magical Butter Branded 21UP Trays and Butter trays are the World’s First Silicone Trays Marked...

$ 31.90
Magical Butter MB2e 240V

MagicalButter Makes Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care...

$ 299.90
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