Grodan 40x40mm Rockwool

Effortless Start Up of Propagation – Grodan Delta is the perfect block for propagating young...

$ 0.55
Grodan Granulate 25L

Grodan granulated rockwool can be mixed with other growing mediums to achieve more or less water...

$ 69.90
Grodan Wrap Slab 900x300x75mm

Grodan Delta is the best block for essential properties such as firmness and saturation. These...

$ 39.90
Grodan Wrap Slab Crop Box...

Grodan Rockwool is a mineral based product used in hydroponic growing applications.

$ 64.90
Cultilene 75x75x65mm Hole...

Rockwool Cultilene Wrapped Cube substrate is a genuine natural product made from volcanic rock,...

$ 1.50
Grodan Plug 77 plugs per sheet

Rockwool Propagation Grow Cubes Tray 36x36mm plug

$ 29.90
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