Fish Care

Fish Net Koi Pan 700mm Fish Net Koi Pan 700mm

PondMAX fish nets are great for safely catching your fish or scooping out debris from your pond.

Code: 9343342010636
$ 249.90
PondMax 3 in 1 Pond Solution 500mL PondMax 3 in 1 Pond...

A universal all in one treatment that clears green water plus string algae and also consumes...

Code: 9343342002976
$ 32.90
PondMax Medi Max 236mL Dry PondMax Medi Max 236mL Dry

MediMAX is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish.

Code: 9343342009876
$ 19.90
PondMax Para Max 470mL PondMax Para Max 470mL

ParaMAX is formulated for helping control ichthyphthirius (ich) on pond fish.

Code: 9347585002502
$ 49.90
PondMax Salt Max 900g PondMax Salt Max 900g

ParaSaltâ„¢ is formulated to increase koi and goldfish electrolytic intake.

Code: 9347585002281
$ 29.90
PondMax Water Conditioner 500mL PondMax Water Conditioner...

PondMAX Water Treatment & Conditioner Eliminates and removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia....

Code: 9343342002990
$ 29.90
Splosht Farmers Sml Pack 80KL Splosht Farmers Sml Pack 80KL

Cleans up to 80,000 Litres for 3 months.

Code: 0680569421517
$ 90.00
Splosht Fishpond Pack Splosht Fishpond Pack

One pack contains several sachets which treats from 150 litres to 13,606 litres for 3 months.

Code: 680569373069
$ 19.90
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