500W Water Heater Titanium Aqua Manta 500W Water Heater Titanium...

Titanium water heater for aquaponics and hydroponics.

Code: 9325136110425
$ 129.90
Adjust-A-Wing Defender Shade Large Adjust-A-Wing Defender...

Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors. Increase the growing area under each...

Code: 9350223000105
$ 180.00
Ag-Grow Bloom 5 Litre Ag-Grow Bloom 5 Litre

General purpose hydroponic nutrient suitable for all flowering plants. Can also be used for...

Code: 9327719004299
$ 60.00
Air Pump 250C/150LPH Cig Light Air Pump 250C/150LPH Cig Light

Airpump Battery Air 250C Portable 150l/Hr W/Cigarette Lighter Plug

Code: 9325136109160
$ 31.90
AN Ancient Earth 250mL Advanced Nutrients AN Ancient Earth 250mL...

Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth combines fulvic and humic acids into a single formula for a...

Code: 845268005912
$ 27.90
Aptus Precision Cultivation Systems PCS 57L Aptus Precision Cultivation...

The PCS Spray System Is A Completely Unique Design Utilizing Patent Pending Geometrics Spray...

Code: 9327719010030
$ 699.00
AutoPot Hydro 8 Pot Starter Kit AutoPot Hydro 8 Pot Starter...

The waterwise easy watering system, no wastage, no electricity needed.

Code: 9327719008181
$ 330.00
Avert Pocket Bag 14x11.5cm Avert Pocket Bag 14x11.5cm

The Avert Pocket Bag is designed for your ultimate safety, convenience and reliability.

Code: 0697691569482
$ 32.90
Bluelab Combo EC/pH Meter Bluelab Combo EC/pH Meter

It's a conductivity, pH and temperature meter all in one. Comes with a 5 year warranty its...

Code: 9421024920036
$ 399.90
Bluelab pH Handy Pen Bluelab pH Handy Pen

The Bluelab pH Pen provides a compact, quick and handy way to manage the success of your crops...

Code: 9421024920234
$ 199.90
Bobbins 100 Pack Bobbins 100 Pack

Support your crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums etc. Use in conjunction with Plant...

Code: 932771900901
$ 99.00
Boveda 4g 62% Relative Humidity Boveda 4g 62% Relative...

Scientifically engineered to maintain a precise relative humidity in an enclosed space, and...

Code: 5066100316
$ 2.90
Can Fan RS150 Can Fan RS150

Can-Fan centrifugal fan range is manufactured using quality German components. The fans...

Code: 9327719001021
$ 270.00
Clone Propagator Kit #2 SALE Clone Propagator Kit #2

This propagator kit comes complete with premium quality Clone Tent, Heat Mat, Fluoro Light Kit...

$ 341.60   $ 291.60
Co2 Enricha 120 Dose Co2 Enricha 120 Dose

Add to water to produce a burst of carbon dioxide.

Code: 9327719008471
$ 130.00
Coco Mega Brick NF 5kg Coco Mega Brick NF 5kg

Nutrifield’s coco brick consists of 100% Coco coir (not peat like inferior products). Makes...

Code: 9333822000431
$ 20.90
CX Tanlin 20mL Fungus Gnat CX Tanlin 20mL Fungus Gnat

CX Horticulture Tanlin is a biological treatment for fungus gnat

Code: 93354230030009
$ 49.90
Duralastics 1080 x 1980 x 180mm Flood and Drain Tray Duralastics 1080 x 1980 x...

Made of black 100% recycled ABS plastic with virgin ABS cap on each side. Manufactured using...

Code: 9327719006521
$ 289.70
Elbow 19mm E34 Elbow 19mm E34

Superior quality fitting. 3 Sizes available.

Code: 9313194008945
$ 0.61
GT IPA Oil Extraction Liquid 1L GT IPA Oil Extraction...

The Growth Technology IsoPropyl Alcohol is perfect for oil extraction.

Code: 9313656613182
$ 39.90
Hemp Mat 31x26cm 5mm for Seed Tray Hemp Mat 31x26cm 5mm for...

Hemp Grow Mat, a natural fibre growth medium. Perfect for microgreens, wheatgrass, sprouts and...

Code: 9327719004909
$ 2.90