Air Pump Battery 250 Air Pump Battery 250

Airpump Battery Air 250 Portable 150Lph

Code: 9325136053036
$ 19.90
Air Sponge Air Sponge

Air Sponge absorbs and eliminates offensive odours and microscopic pollutants suspended in the...

Code: 620293000015
$ 21.90
Amgrow Rot Guard 500mL Amgrow Rot Guard 500mL

Rot Guard is a systemic fungicide used to control Phytophthora Root rot, Collar rot, Crown rot...

Code: 9310943810989
$ 49.90
AN Ancient Earth 1L Advanced Nutrients AN Ancient Earth 1L...

Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth combines fulvic and humic acids into a single formula for a...

Code: 845268005875
$ 91.90
API Freshwater Master Test Kit API Freshwater Master Test Kit

This kit tests tap water and aquarium water for five different parameters that affect the...

Code: 31716300341
$ 99.90
Astrol Foil Tape  50mm x 46m roll Astrol Foil Tape 50mm x...

Astro foil aluminium reflective tape is specifically created to adhere to ducting. It is the...

Code: 9327719000024
$ 25.00
AutoPot Hydro 2 Pot Starter Kit AutoPot Hydro 2 Pot Starter...

The waterwise easy watering system, no wastage, no electricity needed.

Code: 9327719000314
$ 149.90
Bluelab EC Handy Pen Bluelab EC Handy Pen

The Bluelab EC Pen is latest innovation for hand held conductivity meters and the ultimate...

Code: 9421024920210
$ 169.90
Bobbins 10 pack Bobbins 10 pack

Support your crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums etc. Use in conjunction with Plant...

Code: 9327719000895
$ 11.00
Bubble Ice Bags 5Pk Bubble Ice Bags 5Pk

Herbal Extraction Bubble Ice Bags allows for precise filtering, with 5 different grade bags.

Code: 9327719008099
$ 149.90
Can Fan Max Pro 150mm 2 Speed Can Fan Max Pro 150mm 2 Speed

Featuring multi speed press button speed control

Code: 9327719008297
$ 320.00
Clone Propagator Kit #1 SALE Clone Propagator Kit #1

This propagator kit comes complete with premium quality Clone Tent, heat mat and lighting as...

$ 316.50   $ 266.50
CO2 Enhancer TNB CO2 Enhancer TNB

The CO2 Enhancer has the potential to double your crop's yield by providing a steady release...

Code: 696859235511
$ 69.90
Coco Mega Brick NF 650g Coco Mega Brick NF 650g

Nutrifield’s coco brick consists of 100% Coco coir (not peat like inferior products). Makes...

Code: 9333822000417
$ 6.90
Duralastics 1080 x 1080 x 180mm Flood and Drain Tray Duralastics 1080 x 1080 x...

Made of black 100% recycled ABS plastic with virgin ABS cap on each side. Manufactured using...

Code: 9327719001373
$ 160.00
Elbow 13mm E12 Elbow 13mm E12

Superior quality fitting. 3 Sizes available.

Code: 9313194008907
$ 0.61
Strawberry Tower SALE Strawberry Tower

HALF PRICE!! Ex-display strawberry towers reduced to sell.

Code: 9327719005883
$ 99.90   $ 49.95
Timer Mechanical Heavy Duty 24 hour Timer Mechanical Heavy Duty...

Times can be set in 15 minute increments. Very easy to programme.

Code: 9340736002475
$ 29.90
Ultra Klean Masking Agent + Detox Capsules Ultra Klean Masking Agent +...

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE From the makers of B Clear. Purchase Ultra Klean Masking Agent and...

Code: UltraKit
$ 149.80
Vegepod Small with Cover Vegepod Small with Cover

An easy to manage contained gardening bed is perfect for the home.

Code: 9350815000001
$ 169.00
Vegetables and Fruit in Pots By DK Publisihing Vegetables and Fruit in...

Simple Steps to Success. Easy ways to grow your own in a small space.

Code: 9781405376754
$ 19.90