AutoPot Hydro 8 Pot Starter Kit AutoPot Hydro 8 Pot Starter...

The waterwise easy watering system, no wastage, no electricity needed.

Code: 9327719008181
$ 330.00
Ballast HPS 400W JB Ballast HPS 400W JB

A ballast is necessary for most hydroponic lighting system. High Intensity Discharge growing...

Code: 9327719003179
$ 130.00
Bluelab Truncheon CF36 Bluelab Truncheon CF36

Super tough, high quality, fully waterproof design, no calibration required, daylight readable...

Code: 9421024920012
$ 169.90
Boveda 4g 62% Relative Humidity Boveda 4g 62% Relative...

Scientifically engineered to maintain a precise relative humidity in an enclosed space, and...

Code: 5066100316
$ 2.90
Can Fan Silencer 500mm Can Fan Silencer 500mm

Silencers are used to reduce outlet or inlet noise. Available in 2 sizes. Silencers can be...

Code: 9327719008211
$ 150.00
Coco Perlite NF 50L Coco Perlite NF 50L

Nutrifield’s Coco Premium Perlite Blend 70/30contains a blend of 70% Coco coir and 30%...

Code: 9333822002657
$ 40.00
Deep Flow Dutch Bato Bucket Kit Deep Flow Dutch Bato Bucket...

The deep flow system is based on the exclusively designed Dutch BATO bucket. The design allows...

Code: 9327719002615
$ 199.00
Eradicator 200mL Eradicator 200mL

Used in the treatment for infestations of Scarid Fly (Fungus Gnats) in root zone areas.

Code: 9327719000161
$ 32.90
Exhaust Back Draught Shutter 125mm Exhaust Back Draught...

The spring operated flaps close when there is no positive air movement, preventing any air...

Code: 9327719009935
$ 19.90
Ez Clone Kit Ez Clone Kit

A staple of Aeroponic Cloning in the hydroponic industry for over a decade. This kit will do...

Code: 953229001214
$ 370.00
Flora Mesh Netting 1.25m per Lineal Meter Flora Mesh Netting 1.25m...

Flora mesh netting can be used vertically for beans, peas and running vines or horizontally...

Code: 9327719000932
$ 1.50
Grommet 13mm Top Hat Grommet 13mm Top Hat

Superior quality fitting. 2 Sizes available.

Code: 9313194010665
$ 0.80
Grow Tent Gorilla 1.52 x 1.52 x 2.13-2.44m Grow Tent Gorilla 1.52 x...

1.52 x 1.52 x 2.13-2.44m. Gorilla Grow Tents are the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest grow...

Code: 9327719006484
$ 850.00
Hydro Halo Water Ring 9 inch Pack of 2 Hydro Halo Water Ring 9...

The Hydro Halo ensures an even supply of nutrient to the root zone of plants.

Code: 9327719006200
$ 24.90
Hydro Pro HP550Lph 0.95mH 10.5W Hydro Pro HP550Lph 0.95mH...

HydroPro pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the best...

Code: 9343342014047
$ 24.90
Magical Butter Tray 21 Up Magical Butter Tray 21 Up

MagicalButter’s 21UP™ Butter Trays clearly identify medicated butter as “for adults...

Code: 9327719004183
$ 31.90
Tub Outlet Screen Tub Outlet Screen

Use for any flood and drain or ebb and flow. Also for aquaponics. Use with extension and tub...

Code: 9314212073942
$ 5.50
Vegepod Stand Large Vegepod Stand Large

This stand raises the height of the small Vegepod to waist height (80cm).

Code: 9350815000520
$ 179.00
Water Heater 150W Thermosafe 27cm Water Heater 150W...

Maintaining water temperature is an essential requirement for keeping fish happy and healthy,...

Code: 9325136043945
$ 49.90
Ag-Grow Coco Bloom A+B 1L Set Ag-Grow Coco Bloom A+B 1L Set

NEW! Ag-Grow® Coco Bloom is designed for the flowering and fruiting stage.

Code: 9327719004671
$ 38.20
AN Golden Goddess 500mL Advanced Nutrients AN Golden Goddess 500mL...

This unique formulation delivers the golden goodness of nature’s most important and active...

Code: 8452680011852
$ 36.90