Aquapro Solar AP1360SP 1360Lph 2.1m Aquapro Solar AP1360SP...

AQUAPRO solar pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the...

Code: 9343342015587
$ 369.90
AutoPot Hydro 2 Pot Starter Kit AutoPot Hydro 2 Pot Starter...

The waterwise easy watering system, no wastage, no electricity needed.

Code: 9327719000314
$ 149.90
Backpack Escort Grey 18L Backpack Escort Grey 18L

Odour absorbing and water resistant

Code: 854738006169
$ 149.90
Bluelab Soil pH Pen Bluelab Soil pH Pen

The ultimate handy solution for measuring soil pH and temperature!

Code: 9421024920487
$ 270.00
Can Fan RS315 & Can Filter 1000mm Combo Can Fan RS315 & Can Filter...

With German quality components this fan and filter combo is perfect for small grow rooms.

Code: RS315COMBO
$ 1144.00
Clone Propagator Kit #3 SALE Clone Propagator Kit #3

The ultimate clone propagator kit. Just add clones or seeds!

$ 531.50   $ 431.50
Coco Air Blend 70L BVB Coco Air Blend 70L BVB

BVB Air Blend Premium 70L Made in Holland. 50% Coco Fine + 20% Coco Chip + 20% Coco Fibre +...

Code: 932771900BVB1
$ 49.90
Drying Rack Small - Collapsible Drying Rack Small -...

This 8 tier drying rack measures 60 x 160cm and neatly collapses for easy storage. Stored flat...

Code: 9327719006514
$ 69.90
Eradicator 100mL Eradicator 100mL

Used in the treatment for infestations of Scarid Fly (Fungus Gnats) in root zone areas.

Code: 9327719000529
$ 21.00
Flairform Grower's Guide Flairform Grower's Guide

Flairform Growers Guide provides expert information for growing indoors or outdoors in...

Code: 9337839001610
$ 21.90
Flora Flex Clip 4mm Pk/6 Flora Flex Clip 4mm Pk/6

Use the FloraClip™ accessory to easily transform your FloraCap™ from a top-feeding unit...

Code: 851054006599
$ 4.90
Grow Tent Gorilla 1.22 x 1.22 x 2.13-2.44m Grow Tent Gorilla 1.22 x...

1.22 x 1.22 x 2.13-2.44m. Gorilla Grow Tents are the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest grow...

Code: 9327719006491
$ 750.00
House & Garden Drip Clean 500mL House & Garden Drip Clean...

House & Garden Drip Clean is an extremely useful agent for anyone working with drip irrigation...

Code: 9327719000383
$ 59.90
Magical Butter Filters & Glove  4 Pack Magical Butter Filters &...

Purify Filters & Glove 4-Pack. 3 Filters +1 Glove

Code: 9327719007900
$ 59.90
Professors Starter Soak 5L Professors Starter Soak 5L

The Professor’s Starter Soak is scientifically designed to get your young plants to grow as...

Code: 9327719009799
$ 39.90
Tub Outlet Extension Tub Outlet Extension

Use for any flood and drain or ebb and flow. Also for aquaponics. Use with screen and tub...

Code: 9314212073935
$ 5.50
Vegepod Stand Medium Vegepod Stand Medium

This stand raises the height of the small Vegepod to waist height (80cm).

Code: 9350815000513
$ 99.00
Water Heater 100W Thermosafe 25cm Water Heater 100W...

Simple to use, with an easy to read temperature guide, Aqua One ThermoSafe heaters are the...

Code: 9325136030037
$ 44.90
A Modern Introduction to Hemp A Modern Introduction to Hemp

A Modern Introduction to Hemp from Food to fibre past, present and future - by Paul Benhaim

Code: 9780975148204
$ 12.90
Ag-Grow Grow Concentrate Bulk A+B 20kg Ag-Grow Grow Concentrate...

Concentrated powder formula makes 50 litres of each of part A and B.

Code: 9327719004367
$ 220.00
Air Pump 12000 Pond One Air Pump 12000 Pond One

A well aerated aquaponics system will have less algae, healthier fish and clearer water. Good...

Code: 9325136054330
$ 350.00