Clone Propagator Kit #1 SALE Clone Propagator Kit #1

This propagator kit comes complete with premium quality Clone Tent, heat mat and lighting as...

$ 316.50   $ 266.50
Clone Tent 85 x 50 x 80cm Clone Tent 85 x 50 x 80cm

Premium quality clone tent. Very easy to erect.

Code: 9340736005766
$ 140.00
CO2 Exhale 365 C0920 CO2 Exhale 365 C0920

From the inventors of the Original CO2 Bag, ExHale is proud to introduce the ExHale 365 series...

Code: 639302577226
$ 99.90
Coco Peat Canna 50L   BULK 10+ bags $25 ea Coco Peat Canna 50L BULK...

PRICE DROP! Canna Coco Professional Plus+ substrate is a 100% organic product having a fine,...

Code: 0327719009140
$ 35.00
Computer Fan 100mm with Lead and Plug Computer Fan 100mm with...

Inline fans are designed to work under smaller loads than centrifugal fans

Code: 9327719009409
$ 39.90
Dipel Caterpillar 40g Dipel Caterpillar 40g

Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel from Yates is the only certified organic caterpillar...

Code: 9310428547447
$ 24.90
Flora Flex 100mm Cap Green Flora Flex 100mm Cap Green

FloraFlex are bringing you the the best accessories for hydroponic connoisseurs.

Code: 9327719007849
$ 6.90
Heat Mat Flex 64x35cm 35W Large Heat Mat Flex 64x35cm 35W...

Flexible heat mat measuring 644 x 350mm. Double insulated, C-Tick certified and heat...

Code: 9327719007740
$ 59.90
Hydroponic Gardening By Nathaniel Cross Hydroponic Gardening By...

Hydroponic Gardening for the Novice. As farmers look for more innovative ways to grow crops...

Code: 9781628847659
$ 29.90
Magical Butter MB2e 240V Magical Butter MB2e 240V

MagicalButter Makes Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care...

Code: 9327719009034
$ 250.00
Professors Clone Accelerator 1L Professors Clone...

CLONING ACCELERATOR – Foliar Spray. Foliar feeding is a technique of feeding plants by...

Code: 9327719007856
$ 24.90
Timer Multi 1s-99Hr 10A Timer Multi 1s-99Hr 10A

Multi Purpose Digital Timer Seconds, Minutes and Hours

Code: 9327719005128
$ 199.90
Tub Outlet Body/Washer/Nut 19mm set Tub Outlet Body/Washer/Nut...

Use for any flood and drain or ebb and flow. Also for aquaponics. Use with screen and extension.

Code: 9314212073911
$ 9.90
Vegepod Trolley Medium Vegepod Trolley Medium

The Trolley Stand is a stand with wheels.

Code: 9350815000810
$ 189.00
Ag-Grow Grow 5 Litre Ag-Grow Grow 5 Litre

General purpose hydroponic nutrient suitable for all plants. Can also be used for plants grown...

Code: 9327719004404
$ 60.00
Air Pump 4000 Pond One Air Pump 4000 Pond One

A well aerated aquaponics system will have less algae, healthier fish and clearer water. Good...

Code: 9325136054316
$ 150.00
AN Connoisseur Coco Grow A+B 1L Set Advanced Nutrients AN Connoisseur Coco Grow...

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow A&B

Code: 845268010794
$ 119.80
Aqua Grow Bed 500 Litre Aqua Grow Bed 500 Litre

Measuring 2170 x 1050 x 220mm, this grow bed is perfect for aquaponic gardening and is...

Code: 9327719008655
$ 400.00
Aquapro Solar AP300SP 310Lph 0.8mH Aquapro Solar AP300SP...

AQUAPRO solar pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with the...

Code: 9343342015563
$ 149.90
Backpack Escort Black 18L Backpack Escort Black 18L

Odour absorbing and water resistant

Code: 0616909167593
$ 149.90
Ballast + Lamp Dim Cultiv8 600W Kit Ballast + Lamp Dim Cultiv8...

600W Digital Ballast With Special Digital Globe Combo - perfect compatibility in one box!

Code: 9327719003490
$ 400.00