Clone Tent 75 x 50 x 60cm Clone Tent 75 x 50 x 60cm

Premium quality clone tent. Very easy to erect.

Code: 9327719008839
$ 100.00
CO2 Exhale Mycelial Fungi Bag CO2 Exhale Mycelial Fungi Bag

Currently out of Stock. Supplies up to 1500 ppm CO2, depending upon room size and ventilation,...

Code: 793573065933
$ 69.90
Coco Peat 25 Litre BULK 10+ bags $15 ea Coco Peat 25 Litre BULK 10+...

Coco peat is made from coconut husks. Raw coconuts are washed, heat-treated, screened and...

Code: 9327719002417
$ 28.91
Cyco Dr Repair 5 Litre Cyco Dr Repair 5 Litre

Cyco Dr. Repair treats chlorosis and environmental stresses.

Code: 93160739672411
$ 139.90
Drying Rack - Stackable Drying Rack - Stackable

Each layer measures 71 x 71 x 14cm, and you can add as many layers as required by simply...

Code: 9327719003247
$ 11.00
Duralastics 1380 x 2610 x 180mm Flood and Drain Tray Duralastics 1380 x 2610 x...

Made of black 100% recycled ABS plastic with virgin ABS cap on each side. Manufactured using...

Code: 9327719001342
$ 360.00
Heat Mat Flex 55x28cm 25W Medium Heat Mat Flex 55x28cm 25W...

Sea Hawk Propagation Cloning Seedling Heat Mat.

Code: 9327719008969
$ 44.90
Hydroponics For Everyone by Struan K. Sutherland Hydroponics For Everyone by...

An easy to read guide that explains all types of hydroponic applications for the beginner.

Code: 9781864470697
$ 49.90
Timer Box 4x600W Timer Box 4x600W

Growlush timers for heavy duty loads. 4 outlets.

Code: 9327719001472
$ 149.90
Ultra Klean Capsules Pack of 21 Ultra Klean Capsules Pack...

From the makers of B Clear, use in conjunction with Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid 24oz for best...

Code: 133899563032
$ 49.90
Vegepod Trolley Small Vegepod Trolley Small

The Trolley Stand is a stand with wheels.

Code: 9350815000803
$ 159.00
Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit

Introducing the New 600-750W HELLION DE-HPS Illumination Kit with reflector connector

Code: 9350223000860
$ 799.00
Ag-Grow Grow 1 Litre Ag-Grow Grow 1 Litre

General purpose hydroponic nutrient suitable for all plants. Can also be used for plants grown...

Code: 9327719004381
$ 20.78
Air Pump Hydro Pro Z-4010 Kit Air Pump Hydro Pro Z-4010 Kit

HYDROPRO Air Pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology and design to provide you...

Code: 9343342016867
$ 64.90
AN Connoisseur Coco  Bloom A+B 1L Set Advanced Nutrients AN Connoisseur Coco Bloom...

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Bloom A&B

Code: 845268010077
$ 119.80
Aquaponic Grow Bed Narrow Aquaponic Grow Bed Narrow

Measuring 2170 x 525 x 220mm, this grow bed is perfect for aquaponic gardening and is...

Code: 9327719001234
$ 300.00
Aquapro AP3100DW Filtration Pump 3100Lph 2.5mH Aquapro AP3100DW Filtration...

AQUAPRO Filterless Pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide you with...

Code: 9343342015617
$ 350.00
Avert Back Pack 17L 28x40x15cm 17L Avert Back Pack 17L...

The Avert Backpack Insert has been precisely designed to fit inside your existing backpack.

Code: 0697691560663
$ 249.90
Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Bluelab Guardian Monitor...

Stay connected to your plants- monitor, data log, and remotely view in real time pH,...

Code: 942102490037
$ 649.90
Bluelab Truncheon CF36 Bluelab Truncheon CF36

Super tough, high quality, fully waterproof design, no calibration required, daylight readable...

Code: 9421024920012
$ 169.90
Can Fan RS150 & Can Filter 330mm Combo Can Fan RS150 & Can Filter...

With German quality components this fan and filter combo is perfect for small grow rooms.

Code: RS150COMBO
$ 590.00