Avert Duffle Bag 71x42x42cm...

The Avert Large Duffle Bag is our heavy duty transportation solution.

$ 229.90
Great White Mycorrhizae 150g

Great White is the most complete mycorrhizal product on the market.

$ 69.90
Green Planet Massive Bloom 1L

A high performance organically derived flowering cycle nutrient.

$ 19.90
Green Planet PK Spike 1L

Derived from multiple sources of phosphorus and potassium, PK spike is designed to help...

$ 39.90
GrowHard Bitch'n 1L Feminiser

Say no to seeds. Bitch’n allows the plant to rebalance its flowing hormone levels by increasing...

$ 69.90
GrowHard Bud Juice 1L

Bud Juice provides growers with the very best of old and new nutrient technology whilst remaining...

$ 89.90
GrowHard Liquid Lead 1L

Liquid Lead stimulates the plant into the final flower production phase and with compounds...

$ 39.90
Exhaust Back Draught...

The spring operated flaps close when there is no positive air movement, preventing any air...

$ 19.90
GrowHard Nutriboost 1L

NutriBoost is a plant vigour tonic that utilises Vitamin B, NAA and kelp extracts.

$ 89.90
GrowHard Revived 1L

Repairs damaged, stress plants and will also correct nutrient deficiencies.

$ 24.90
GT Chilli Focus 1L

Specifically formulated for use in the growing of Chilli.

$ 19.90
Hydro Halo Water Ring 9...

The Hydro Halo ensures an even supply of nutrient to the root zone of plants.

$ 24.90
GT Fulvic 1 Litre

Growth Technology Fulvic bridges the gap between organic and mineral nutrition by improving; -...

$ 19.90
GT Ionic Boost 1 Litre

Growth Technology Ionic Boost gives an extra boost of phosphorus and potassium for use during the...

$ 15.00
GT Silica 1 Litre

Growth Technology Silica improves and maintains the health of all plants by: - improving the...

$ 21.90
Plant Clippers 200 pack

Support your crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums etc. Use in conjunction with Tomato...

$ 11.00
GT Super 1 Litre

Growth Technology Super PK is a blend of potassium and phosphorus formulated to increase the: -...

$ 19.90
GT Super 5.5 Litre

Growth Technology Super PK is a blend of potassium and phosphorus formulated to increase the: -...

$ 65.00
House & Garden Algen...

Algen Extract plays a significant role in the health of your plant's immune system, providing...

$ 59.90
House & Garden Amino...

House & Garden Amino Treatment is a revolutionary product that brings noticeably higher fruit...

$ 79.90
House & Garden Bud-XL 1 Litre

House & Garden Bud-XL has a unique ability to extract sugars from the leaves of the plant and...

$ 100.00
House & Garden Magic Green...

House & Garden Magic Green is a new and improved foliar spray!

$ 99.00
House & Garden Multizyme 1...

Multi Zyme accelerates and simplifies the growth process and strengthens the plants immunity.

$ 70.00
House & Garden N27%...

N27% is the strongest Nitrogen additive on the market.

$ 79.90
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