Peter's Aquarium

Thu, 21 Sep 2017

I love looking at fish tanks, watching the fish swim around and plant life blooming is mesmerising and relaxing. One of our customers has kindly shared some photos of his beautifully maintained aquarium with us, which we want to share with our readers. Read below to hear how he maintains his tank and recycles his fish water onto his other plants.

220_litre_tank.jpeg .   mini_phal_002_b_e.jpg

“The above aquarium photo incorporates both plant and fish life. It is a 220 litre tank. The last water change was done exactly 2 months previously, and that it was a 30% water change with filter cleaning and plant pruning.  Despite the length of time between water changes, the glass remains almost algae free and the water is clear and sweet smelling.....and everyone seems happy....

I do not do any testing of water in my aquariums, just the sight and smell test.  Once a tank matures and all the wildlife look happy, the only reason I usually make water changes is to clean the mechanical filtration because the sponge or fiber gets clogged with debris and the water flow/exchange gets too slow. My filters, usually 2 canisters per tank, are mainly high quality (Marine Pure or equivalent) biological and some mechanical to capture solid plant and animal waste.

Basically fish produce waste which is consumed by the plants and biological filter media, so a balance between the amount of plant, animal and biological life is the key.  I have gone 3 months without a water change in this tank and were it not for the need to clear mechanical filters and hack back the plant growth that can start to choke the tank of light and water movement, longer periods would probably be OK.”

The Blooming Orchids with the extracted tank water it is put into a bucket and orchids are submerged until thoroughly soaked. Potted terrestrial plants have the whole pot submerged until totally saturated.  The water has the fibrous waste from the mechanical filters mixed in, but  the tank system has, or seems to have (I don’t take tests), eliminated nitrates etc.  Nevertheless, going by the response of the plants, it has enough nutrients in it to make them grow and flower well.”

Ive always thought fish tanks would be time consuming but the way Peter explains his routine here it actually sounds pretty easy.  We love seeing pretty pics from our customers. Do you have a magical pond set up that you would like to share with us?

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