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Growing in Coco Peat
Thu, 7 Dec 2017
Simplicity is the chief appeal of this growing system based on coco peat. There is no need for...
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Reverse Osmosis
Thu, 9 Nov 2017
What is reverse Osmosis? Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology...
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6PR Weekend Gardening with Neville, Sue and Darren
Wed, 27 Sep 2017
Lets talk Aquaponics and Hydroponics with Neville Passmore and the Weekend Gardening...
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Versatile Coco Peat
Thu, 21 Sep 2017
Did you know that coco peat makes wonderful bedding for worm farming, seed raising and mushroom...
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Peter's Aquarium
Thu, 21 Sep 2017
I love looking at fish tanks, watching the fish swim around and plant life blooming is...
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It's easier than you think to grow your own edible fish and vegetables at home.
Tue, 18 Jul 2017
Aquaponics is a soil-less recirculating system combining hydroponics - the growing of food...
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Let's talk about pH
Wed, 17 May 2017
Why pH is critical to get right in hydroponics? pH - THE BASICS You've...
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Magical Butter Machine
Wed, 3 May 2017
Welcome to a new generation of health and happiness. Our staff went nuts!...
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Powdery Mildew and Aquaponics
Fri, 13 Jan 2017
We had an email from one of our regular aquaponics customers, concerned about his...
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Enrol in Aquaponics School
Wed, 21 Dec 2016
A short course for people who are new to Aquaponics.   WHAT IS AQUAPONICS?...
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Canna Coco BULK BUY $25!
Thu, 6 Oct 2016
Canna Coco 50L is only $25 when you purchase 10 or more bags. Normally $35 per bag. CANNA...
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Expanded Clay $33
Wed, 15 Jun 2016
Only $33 per bag on 10+ bags. Premium German quality expanded clay at a budget price! Bags...
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