How to Grow From Seed

  1. Flush 40x40mm or 75x75mm Cultilene® rockwool cube in luke warm water. For best results always use filtered or rain water.
  2. For small seeds, locate small hole in 40x40mm Cultilene® rockwool cube. Push seed into moist cube (check seed packet for correct depth).
  3. For large seeds such as beans, peas, cucumber etc, use 75x75mm Cultilene® rockwool cube. Fill hole with perlite  or fine expanded clay, and plant seed directly into media. Plant seed in correct upright position. If unsure, plant horizontally.
  4. Put your Cultilene® rockwool cube on base/drain tray and under clear lid at 75% humidity. Leave the vents open. Place in shaded sunlight, avoiding excessive heat. We recommend compact florescent lighting, favouring the growth spectrum. 
  5. Cultilene® rockwool cube must not sit in water or roots will rot!
  6. Germination occurs in 2-7 days. Ideal seed temperature is 25°C.
  7. As Cultilene® rockwool cube dries out, re-water with ¼ strength Ag-Grow Grow® nutrient solution. Make a nutrient bath and dunk cube into solution, until all stale air is expelled and roots are replenished with fresh oxygen.
  8. When bottom roots appear, plant the seedling into your hydroponic media such as perlite, perlite/vermiculite, coco peat or Cultilene® rockwool slab. Water with Ag-Grow Grow® nutrient solution at ½ to full strength or a good quality hydroponic nutrient of your choice.


Download the "How To Grow From Seed" brochure here.