1. Flush 40x40mm Cultilene® rockwool in luke warm water. For best results always use filtered or rain water.
  2. Using shears, take 10-15cm long cutting with 3-4 leaves. Stems should be approximately pencil thickness.
  3. Generally the best clones are from firm stems higher up the parent plant, these have highest growth hormones (auxins).
  4. Cut the parent plant no more than 30%. From now on use a scalpel and flame sterilize every 10 cuts.
  5. Important steps 5-7. Cut quickly and put the entire cutting in a bucket of pH 5.8-6.5 lukewarm water. Leave soaking for 30 minutes.
  6. Underwater, trim off 2 bottom leaves (1 is okay), flush with the stem. This node is where the roots grow from in the Cultilene® rockwool cube. Scratch 2cm off the stem to promote rooting.
  7. Final base cut must be taken underwater to stop air embolism (bubbles). Cut at base of stem at 45°, 1cm under the node.
  8. Soak Cultilene® rockwool cubes in DutchMaster™ Gold APS Cutting Nutrient and Spray.
  9. Dip the cuttings into DutchMaster™ Clone Fast Replicator.
  10. Locate small hole in moist Cultilene® rockwool cube and push in clone. Make small hole larger if necessary.
  11. Spray on Ag-Grow Grow® as per instructions on the bottle.
  12. Put your Cultilene® rockwool cube on base/drain tray and under clear lid at 75% humidity. Leave the vents open. Place in shaded sunlight, avoiding excessive heat. We recommend compact florescent lighting, favouring the growth spectrum.
  13. Ideal root temperature is 25°C, use a heat pad if required. Foliage temperature should be between 20-22°C. Ventilate accordingly.
  14. Cultilene® rockwool cube mustn’t sit in water or roots will rot!
  15. As Cultilene® rockwool cube dries out, re-water with 1/4 strength Ag-Grow Grow® nutrient solution at pH5.8-6.5. Make a nutrient bath and dunk cube in water, until all stale air is expelled and roots are replensihed with fresh oxygen.
  16. Healthy roots appear thick, white and hairy in 4-6 days. The best plants will be from these.
  17. When roots appear at bottom of Cultilene® rockwool cube, plant the clone into your hydroponic media such as perlite, perlite/vermiculite, coco peat or Cultilene® rockwool slab. Water with Ag-Grow Grow® nutrient solution at 1/2 to full strength or a good quality hydroponic nutrient of your choice.