Pond Lighting & Accessories

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Aquapro Mister Ring Aquapro Mister Ring

These effective misters use ultrasonic vibrations to create flowing mist in your waterfeature.

Code: 9329226013078
$ 19.90
Aquapro Mister Single Disc Aquapro Mister Single Disc

The AQUAPRO Misters have been made with advanced technology to provide you with the best...

Code: 9343342003867
$ 89.90
Floating Ducklings Floating Ducklings

These realistic looking plastic floating ducks are light weight and ready to float in your pond.

Code: 9329226014969
$ 19.90
Pond LED 12x1W Set of 3 Transformer AP Pond LED 12x1W Set of 3...

The AQUAPRO 12 LED SET OF 3 lights have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide...

Code: 9343342013064
$ 139.90
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

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